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The Invaders Movie (1995) - ReelzChannel - Movie Trailers, News. Vincent (portrayed by Roy Thinnes) knows. However, a group of. In this sci-fi thriller from directors Mark Pagliaroli and Antonio Ienco, the survivors of a nuclear war band together in order to prevent a terrorist group from. The Invaders (1995) Trailer, Review, Video Clips, Interviews, Starring Scott Bakula, Elizabeth Pena, Richard Thomas, Delane Matthews, Terence Knox, Shannon Kenny. The Invaders - The First Season: Roy Thinnes, Hank. Army and the Indians sign a peace treaty. The Invaders (TV 1995) - IMDb Director: Paul Shapiro. The U.S. Actors: Scott Bakula: Nolan Wood · Elizabeth Peña: Ellen Garza · Richard Thomas: Jerry Thayer · DeLane Matthews: Amanda Thayer · Terence. The Invaders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Invaders is an American science fiction television program created by Larry Cohen that aired on ABC for two seasons, from January 10, 1967 to March 26, 1968. The Invaders (1912 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Invaders is a 1912 American silent film directed by Francis Ford and Thomas H. Actors: Roy Thinnes: David Vincent · Dick Wesson: Introductory Narrator · William Woodson: Narrator The Invaders | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies An updating of the popular 60's sci-fi television series, this film follows the exploits of a pilot who discovers a plan to destroy the Earth's ecology to pave the. The Invaders: Genesis DVD Rental, Rent The Invaders: Genesis Movie. The Invaders (1995) - YouTube This promo was far better than the actual movie ,which was put in mini-series format. The Invaders (TV Series 1967–1968) - IMDb Created by Larry Cohen. Ince. David Orwell, a peace keeping officer, protects a small town from a. This is what creator Larry Cohen had in mind before Quinn Martin took

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